Your Choice Viewers' Wives #27

Uitgebracht om: 11 maart 2007 bij Your Choice Productions
Amateur Contributions - We present more amateur contributions from our viewers. If you've got any home made sex vids, send 'em in. Share your wife with the nation and you might make a bob or two! Thanks again to our contributors for making this very popular series possible. Carol & Geoff, Ipswich. - A very large lady indeed, Carol has a healthy appetite for cock and extreme penetration. Sian & Freddie, N. Yorks. - Once she's accepted Freddie's invitation back to his gaff, short skirted "schoolgirl" Sian's tartan knickers don't stay on for long. Nikki & Terry, Bristol. - Full breasted Nikki, juices up with a couple of dildos, a carrot, a cucumber and an aubergine before inviting Terry into her salad bowl. Lisa & Bob, Leicester. - Hairy Bob has the pleasure of whacking away at young looking Lisa's gash with a large, ribbed dildo, driving her into a frenzy of orgasm. Jane & Freddie, N. Yorks. - Freddie's back, and Jane plays the slutty hotel receptionist to Freddie's pervy old porno maker to perfection, taking a knobbing in place of a model that never showed up. Collette & Paul, Staffs. - A bit shy at first, Collette soon loosens up once well hung Paul's fed his dick to her face. Wish they'd oiled the bedsprings though. Jesse & Mark, Barnet. - Jessie's a lusty little hussy, one of those girls that furiously twiddles their clits as they're getting screwed. You know what I mean? Terresa & Mike, London SE. - This loving couple prefer the familiar comfort of their living room to reveal their secrets. Hers, a prominent love button, his, a bent willy. Heather & John, Gloucester. - Heather keeps chatting away as John gets her out of her kit. Even a mouth and bald pussy full of meat can't keep this girl quiet it seems, and yet another squeaky bed. Trish & Scott, London E8. 500 bonus winner. Tarty Trish picks up Scott on the street, takes him home and makes a bee-line for his pecker. Squatting on his face, her long flaps part for his knowing tongue, and it turns out that the lady has quite an eye for the right guys! Scott's a great lay. She's blindfolded, bum slapped and fingered to climax, and the sexual chemistry really kicks into gear. This extra horny couple proceed to put on a display of fucking and female orgasm that is well worth the bonus in our editor's view. A "mention in dispatches" is due also to Londoner, Andy Ide, the young, "first time" porno director/cameraman who sent us the bonus tape.

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