XConfessions Vol. 2

Uitgebracht om: 31 juli 2020 bij XConfessions by Erika Lust
Misha and Geri play a couple having a quiet night in together, until she decides to experiment with his very macho look: applying make-up, stockings, knickers, a dress and a wig, and getting surprisingly hot results. It drives her crazy with lust - the way they fucked, him dressed in drag. Amarna and Kristopher return for another sex game inspired by the XConfessions post "Manual del Placer". In this film, a blindfolded Amarna knows exactly what she wants as she whispers to Kristopher every step in her manual of pleasure: from kissing and sucking, to licking and teasing with a vibrator, finally culminating in an intense orgasm! Amarna and Kristopher portray a couple who confesses their thrilling game - having a down and dirty quickie before the guests arrive! Their chemistry is unforgettable, and their passion might just inspire you to make quickies a part of your date night. This short features handmade fetish masks by Cecilia Lundqvist, and real-life performing couple Alexa and Joel Tomas, as they indulge in a beautifully sinister game of predator and prey. A fox hunts for the rabbit, devouring her in all her beauty in the end. After a man indulges himself and buys the graphic novel, The Art of Spanking by renowned erotic artist Milo Manara, he begins to obsess about this new realm of pleasure.In this stunning short film filled with dark 1920s glamour and burlesque, Luke Hotrod and Carol Vega will blow you away with their performance of this confession. Charming, real-life performing couple Alexa and Joel Tomas return for a funny twist on the office romance in Meet Me in the Stockroom. The only guy in an office full of women gets an anonymous note on his birthday saying that she will take his virginity. Meet Misha, a couchsurfing host who lives to please her guests, and show them the very best parts of her city. So when tall, geeky-sexy Max arrives to her apartment, you can bet he won't be sleeping on the couch! Amarna Miller and Maximilian Gambero play two university students who find a shared passion, abandoning their studies to indulge in an erotic foot fetish game in the library. Real couple Alexa and Joel Tomas return to XCONFESSIONS for an amazing threesome with Carol Vega. The anonymous writers tell stories of their various quickies and the details of having frantic, passionate sex as soon as the kids are away for a few minutes. Brought to life by talented performers, Motherfucker goes to show that hot sex doesn't have to go out the window as soon as you become a parent ... you are only challenged to become a more inventive lover!

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