World Sex Tour 3

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Sultry sluts Monika & Elisabeth King open their asses for Anabolic studs Christoph and Jean-Yves, Monika manages to fit 2 cocks into her hot tight ass both at the same time. Amazing! Big Butt lovers will love Judit. I loved shooting her getting Butt Fucked, and eating cum from 2 of our well hung studs. Cock craving Ildiko can't get enough in this awesome 3 on 1 with anal and Double Penetration, by this scenes finish her face bares a striking resemblance to a glazed donut!! Leggy Romanian Annamaria gets a well deserved ass fucking by Christoph. Sweet, young cutie Dina takes Jean-Yves fat cock for a long hard anal ride, licks his ass and then eats his "sperm", oh what a girl! We nicknamed the scene "the valley of the Big Cock". Beautiful brunette Ivy fucks and sucks our 4 horny hunks into ecstasy, this woman just can't get enough cock stuffed into her at one time! And YES of course she eats their cum! I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed shooting it. These girls are great and they're more of them in Volume 4, which I also shot in Bootyfest. Thanks for watching, Christopher Alexander.

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