Touch of the Younger Kind 5

Uitgebracht om: 21 juli 2020 bij Crave Media
Sweet little Liza is just 18 and happy to tell us about her first time riding dick before she oils up her perfect, young body and takes our guy's meat, deep in her tight, wet hole. Amanda is a gorgeous Russian hottie with all natural 36C tits and an amazingly round, tight ass that looks amazing backing onto our stud's hard cock. You know it's going to be a good day when the 18 year old you're about to fuck walks in and tells you she's so horny she masturbateed on the way over, which is exactly what Jenna did. Gwen spreads her legs and was dripping wet before she even started playing with herself and just couldn't wait until she got some dick!

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Scene1: 00:01:13 - 00:35:16 (34:03)


Liza Rowe

Scene2: 00:35:18 - 01:04:16 (28:58)

Scene3: 01:04:18 - 01:53:32 (49:14)


Jenna Reid

Scene4: 01:53:34 - 02:27:45 (34:11)


Gwen Stark