Swallowed.com Vol. 47

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Dirty director/nasty stud Mike Adriano subjects five young porn cuties to rigorous oral workouts in "Swallowed.com Volume 47." His signature camera work puts the cocksucking, mouth fucking and spit spewing up close as big boners mash lips, tongues and tonsils. Sweetheart Selena Love wants to show her incredible blowjob abilities. Flaunting long legs and a slim, natural build, she strips and salivates over her perky tits. Selena slobbers as she stuffs Logan Long's massive meat in her mouth. She strokes and slurps in raunchy style, smiling adorably as she tests her limits, gasping as his huge hog reams her throat. Climaxing a nasty cum facial, Selena gathers semen from her face and swallows it down! Dark-haired newbie Nella Jones plays with her pussy, whimpering when Mike snakes his tongue up her ass. She kneels, stroking, slurping, and lapping his ball sack. Spit strings stream from Nella's mouth when she pulls away. She smiles proudly as Mike cheers her on, and then chokes as he crudely fucks her face. Spunky, fiery starlet Kylie Rocket looks cute in green swimwear, fishnets and heels. Logan's giant dick smacks her face when he whips it out, and the young vixen eagerly, hungrily sucks his pole. Kylie gurgles on Logan's meaty slab, capturing her spit in a glass. She pours recycled slobber down her throat, and drool drips over her perky tits. Busty, leggy, All-American babe Angel Youngs tells the camera, "I'm 'bout to suck some big, juicy cock." She wraps her fleshy knockers around Mike's shaft for a slimy titty fuck, and she gasps as he ruthlessly pummels her wet mouth. When he can't hold back, he dribbles hot pre-cum over her outstretched tongue. Angel obediently swallows but continues to slurp his rod. The dirty Angel rims Mike's bunghole and smirks as she opens wide for a cum facial. Hot, young starlet Liz Jordan giggles when Mike probes her butthole - and she licks her anal flavor from his finger. Spit-soaked fellatio comes with delightfully dirty talk. Cute Liz almost makes Mike cum multiple times, so much that he must pull her away from his throbber! This porn prodigy deepthroats dick and swallows juicy jizz.

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Liz Jordan