Stressed Out Step-Dad

Uitgebracht om: 30 juli 2020 bij My Pervy Family
I've been having a hard time lately and I hate to admit it but I have been taking it out on my family. I kindly asked my Step-Daughter to clean her room numerous times, today when I went up into her room it was messer then before. I just lost it and snapped on her, I can not believe I yelled at Step-Daddy's little girl like that. I quickly apologize to Sloan and tell her I have been going through a lot and I am over-stressed! Sloan offers me a hit off her vape pen, I almost coughed up a lung but I gotta admit it calmed me down a little bit... maybe a bit too much. I find Sloan's vibator under her covers, she quickly grabs it out my hand. She tells me it also helps her relax, Sloan offers a way for me to calm down a bit more. My hot Step-Daughter offers me her pussy to fuck, she tells me maybe if I cum I will relax a bit. I gotta admit she was right cause I blew my load in her pussy the last thing I felt was stress. I have such an amazing Step-Daughter.

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