Stepsisters That Scissor

Uitgebracht om: 26 januari 2015 bij Lethal Hardcore
When Fallon heard Marissa talking dirty to another girl on the phone she just had to ask how it felt, but she didn't feel like talking, so she decided to teach her how to bump clams! Jenna and Goldie were both bitter about their parents getting divorced to marry each other, so they didn't get along at first, but now they give each other multiple orgasms by licking, fingering and scissoring! That's QUALITY TIME WITH THE FAMILY! Paisley caught her step sister Scarlet peeping on her while she was changing, she didn't get mad she got wet! When Danica caught Alina looking at her naughty photos on her phone, she knew the best way to keep her from snitching was some sloppy wet pussy licking and sensual scissoring!

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