Stepmom Sex Ed Vol. 2

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Jamie Michelle is learning how to live with her new stepson, Ricky Spanish. It's not that Ricky is bad or anything, but he has a lot of habits that Jamie wasn't aware of. For example, while Jamie is putting Ricky's laundry away, she finds a box of condoms. Right beside the box is a used condom. Ricky walks in just as Jamie is holding his condom up for a better look. Although Ricky is embarrassed, Jamie uses the opportunity for a heart to heart about how wild she was in college. She regales Ricky as she tells him about how amazing the sex was and how much better it is bareback with a creampie. Jamie assures Ricky that when he gets to experience it, it'll be amazing. Lexi Luna has been feeling really neglected lately. Her hubby hasn't been giving her the attention she deserves, and it's been forever since she had some time to herself. The bigtit milf finally has a day all to herself, with no stepkids or husband to worry about, and her intention is to day drink and masturbate all day long. After she packs her stepson, Tyler Nixon, off to class, she gets down to the business of making herself cum. She sets out her collection of sex toys and spends some time feeling her creamy twat and big titties up. Busty mom Silvia Saige took time off of work to help her stepson, Jayrock, with his e-learning. Jayrock is not interested in learning, so he instead points out that his stepmom is dressed inappropriately with her boobs hanging out. Silvia is ticked, so she angry flashes Jayrock to get it out of his system. That just gets Jayrock hard, so even though Silvia has tried to move on to teaching he just sits there rubbing his dick. Eventually, Silvia tells him to just cum already and get it out of his system. She's not happy about her pervy stepson, so she whips out the goods again and jiggles them for Jayrock while telling him to think about stepmom's titties. Jason's knee is aching and his stepmom, Rachael Cavalli, has decided to stay home to keep an eye on him. Rachael comes into Jason's room wearing a bulky robe, but it slips open to show her rockin' body that's decked out in sexy lingerie. Rachael is initially embarrassed, but then she gets the idea to put on a lingerie fashion show for her audience and get Jason's opinion. After the third outfit, Rachael climbs onto the bed and takes Jason's in hand to stroke him off as a reward for giving his opinions.

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