Sodomania 19: Sweet Cream

Uitgebracht om: 15 maart 2000 bij Elegant Angel
It seems like only yesterday Elegant Angel was hammering out the first edition of Sodomania with the nastiest, most perverted stuff on the market, and we were rubbing our meat monsters off to their dirty girls. Now four years later, Sodomania 19 proves they've still got what it takes! This time they bring you six Sweet Cream ladies who are not afraid to do anything to make you cum; from the lustful Nico Treasures to the shy but daring Lil' Bit, the sultry Lauren Montgomery to unbelievably filthy Mila (this girl is nuts!), and blossoming starlets Chandler and Lyndsey Allen. How much more perverted can you get than lusty virgins, horny office secretaries and the like? I'm ready to find out!

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