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Sexy and bubbly BBW starlet Karla Lane cums to Rodney to shoot a boudoir video for her husband on their one year wedding anniversary. She slips into a revealing blue negligee that shows off her curvy assets. He's a butt guy, so she is sure to shake her bountiful rump for Rodney has he records. When she starts playing with her dirty panties, Rodney can't help but start rubbing on his growing cock. She begs to get fucked, and he can't resist. He whips out his cock and rubs it against her fat pussy from behind, but she gets upset. It's not his fault she was so convincing! After a couple more "slip ups," Karla gives in and let's Rodney "slip in." He pounds her fat twat from behind before she sucks and deep throats his huge cock, even licking his balls at the same time! She gets super messy and drool leaks all over her humongous jugs. Her ass shakes as he fucks her sweet face, only stopping to penetrate her sopping wet pussy. Finally, Karla eats Rodney's asshole a for a few rounds before she sucking and swallowing every drop of his gigantic load. Izetta looks sexy and curvy as ever. Rodney strips her clothes off starts eating her pussy. She squeezes his balls just right as he manhandles her massive mammaries. He fucks her chubby pussy and sucks on her huge jugs, he slides his big cock into her fat pussy and pounds her hard. Busty redhead Kamille is meeting with Rodney. It doesn't take long before he gets turned on and starts squeezing and sucking on her gigantic titties. But he's still not completely convinced...until she pulls down his shorts and starts sucking on huge cock. He smacks her boobs with his hard dick and pinches her nipples. He fucks her humongous boobies and then shoots a huge protein shake inside her magical pussy. Rodney is a boss and he's not very happy with Bowie's job. He's lost a very big client because of this cute redhead and he's gonna do everything to make her pay her dues.

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