Rich Housewives in Heat

Uitgebracht om: 4 november 2022 bij X-Core Cinema
Everyone thinks that it's poor girls who need money who do porn, but that's not always the case; as this splendid offering from the folks at X-Core very promptly underlines. After all, these ~~Rich Housewives in Heat~~ live comfortable lives and aren't in want for cash. What they are in need of, however, is hard cock! Fortunately for each and every one of these horny beauties, thats something that the producers of this fantastic offering are more than happy to supply; and as such its next to no time before the likes of Louise Jenson, Hannah Shaw and Holly Kiss are getting the kind of pummeling that wet dreams are made of. Culminating in a terrific blast of spunk that provides each of these sluts the protein injection they're craving!

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