Perfect Fit, The

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Gorgeous Shalina Devine walks in with her high heels on and feet done. She shows them off to her boyfriend Josh Jo which gets him turned on. He starts sucking and licking her toes before sucking on her clit. Shalina then returns the favor and sucks his cock. Josh spreads her ass open and pounds his cock deep into her tight ass while sucking on her toes again. Shalina then shows off her skills by giving him a footjob, which allows him to blow his load all over her feet in pleasure. Hot brunette May Thai is doing her homework while wearing small shorts and tank top. Her caramel skin is glowing under the light. Kristof Cale is not far and watching her from the door. As soon as she notices his horny eyes, she takes off her top and starts moving sensually on the bed. She clearly wants him. He doesn't hesitate one second and walks toward her... Kitana Lure takes off her pair while looking at Charlie Dean. She's clearly planning something. She has some naughty intentions. She walks toward him bare foot with a huge cleavage...Thomas Stone can't resist Sasha's perfect feet. She really knows how to use her toes to please a man. Come watch Sasha Rose in a perfect foot fetish fantasy.

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