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The pickings sure are pretty, especially when a woman hits the magic age of eighteen. Mr. Skin is enamored with a chick that's willing to get naked at such a rip age. They're nubile, taut, and tempting, and we'll sure you'll agree. Make sure you pick up your jaw after watching this playlist. Phoebe Cates unveils her amazing breasts in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Michelle Johnson heats up a beach with her perfect pair in Blame It on Rio, Angelina Jolie busts out her robo-boobies in Cyborg 2, Asia Argento briefly teases her ta-tas in Trauma, Uma Thurman steams up a scene with her rack in Dangerous Liaisons, Kate Winslet gives the slightest look at her nips while taking a bath in Heavenly Creatures, Drew Barrymore hits the shower in Doppelganger: The Evil Within, Jane March marches out her left mam while getting down with her dude in The Lover, Virginie Ledoyen gives a T&A performance in L'eau froide, Charlotte Gainsbourg busts out her nubbins in The Little Thief, Nastassja Kinski gives her man a taste of her T&A in Stay as You Are, Brigitte Bardot lets her left breast get some sun in Manina, the Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter, Thandie Newton busts out her thandies in Flirting, Julie Delpy is bushy and boobie in La passion B?atrice, Morgan Saylor shows the slightest bit of right boob in an episode of Homeland, Courtney Stodden can't contain her nips in an episode of Celebrity Big Brother, and Mia Goth goes fully nude and fully leztastic in Nymphomaniac Vol. 2.

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