Mom's Guide To Sex 4

Uitgebracht om: 31 december 2018 bij Crave Media
Explosive sex scenes of unbridled passions as naughty stepmothers teach teens things they never should. Amber's stepson hasn't been doing very well in school so when she catches the neighborhood slut sneaking into his bedroom, she decides to give the young pair a lesson they'll never forget. Krissy is not your typical stepmom; she fucks her stepson's girlfriend, then fucks her stepson and then fucks both of them at the same time - she definitely has some questionable parenting ideas. Nina just caught her stepdaughter sucking off her boyfriend and she just can't get that big dick out of her head so she decided she needed to get it into her pussy also! Dana is a sexually adventurous stepmother who believes in sharing her body and skills with anyone at any time and this young couple will never be the same once Dana is done with them.

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