MM409: "Bird Brain" With Michelle Ivers

Uitgebracht om: 21 maart 2011 bij Mass Muscle
Michelle is at a massively muscled 165 lbs. with 17" high peaked split biceps, 17" calves and 26" unbelievable quads. She has muscles in her quads like I never seen on any other woman!! Michelle purhcases a cockatoo bird and it was never a real bad one, she calls over the breeder to discuss getting her money back, all she gets is bullshit from the guy and she decides if she can't get her money back then she will fix this her own way. What you will see in this video is lighting fast speed from Michelle, unbelievable muscle popping action with all kinds of great holds. Unreal excruciating scissors both head and body, show off her legs muscles to the fullest. She punishes him with head locks showing Michelle's HUGE biceps. Combination holds that are Incredible to see. Although Michelle does not want to wrestle competitive in private sessions she would for sure be a handful for any man or woman. This video is 46 minutes long.

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