#Mature Vol. 2

Uitgebracht om: 14 januari 2023 bij SHAUNDAMXXX
Scene 1: Lauren DeWynter and Shaundam- Lauren was having a problem with here webcam so she called over an IT guy to give her some assistance. The reason she needed her webcam was to contact her husband who was out of town, but when the IT guy showed up all she could think about is getting some of his BBC. Scene 2: Rachel Domino and Shaundam- The handyman's work is never done. Shaundam got a call the other day to fix a couch. He was almost home but for some reason he decided to answer the call. When he arrived it was a very familiar face, and Shaundam thinks she had a little more than fixing a couch on her mind. Scene 3: Presley St. Claire and Shaundam- Well its been almost a year and still no word about Shaundam's raise. Things are starting to get really frustrating. Fortunately for him, his bosses wife really feels like he should get the raise, but the only way she will tell her husband to give him the raise Shaundam has to give her all of his big black cock. Scene 4: Catrina Costa and Shaundam- Hotel guest Catrina was complaining about the water pressure coming from her shower head so HandyMan Shaundam came to fix it, but Catrina had other things she wanted him to fix.

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