Malibu Nights

Uitgebracht om: 11 oktober 1999 bij Legend
A bored house wife, a scandalous neighbor, what happens when curiosity goes too far in a Malibu neighborhood? What might you find out? Ruthie is a bit of a busy body and when it comes to her neighbor Merilee's business, she just can't control herself. Perhaps she's feeling a little sexually un-satisfied because she is obsessed with Merilee's! Plumbers, florists, pizza delivery boys, all of them are invited into the home of the insatiable neighbor's. What happens when Ruthie tells Carter, Merilee's husband, just might surprise you! Five sexy scenes fueled by lust, passion and fantasy await.

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Scene1: 00:04:39 - 00:16:14 (11:35)

Scene2: 00:18:11 - 00:28:26 (10:15)

Scene3: 00:30:57 - 00:42:31 (11:34)

Scene4: 00:46:11 - 00:54:42 (8:31)

Scene5: 00:56:40 - 01:08:36 (11:56)