Lovers' Last Time

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Lindsey Cruz... has a little problem. Every time she sees a hot woman, she gets horny as hell and can't resist masturbating! But the last time she did this, in a restaurant, she was caught... which is why she's now waiting in an interrogation room for her lawyer. When Abigail Mac shows up, Lindsey knows she's in serious trouble because Abigail is a gorgeous lawyer! It's the night before her wedding and Lasirena69 is trying on her wedding dress and admiring herself in front of the mirror. Her best friend, Sofi Ryan, admires her and they hold hands and share a tender moment. Lasirena69 admits that she wants one last night with Sofi... A passionate kiss quickly turns into so much more as they pull off each other's clothes and fall into bed together! Kenna James is locked out of her house in the nude! She runs to the front of her neighbor's house, desperately trying to cover herself and knocks on the door. A moment later, Veronica Weston answers the door and invites her in, flustered! Much to Kenna's shock, Veronica takes off her robe and offers it to Kenna, who can't help but stare at Veronica's naked body. Even though Kenna got locked out, it looks like it's her lucky day.

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