Little Girls Love Big Dicks 5

Uitgebracht om: 3 juli 2019 bij Crave Media
Ava's gone on a little spending spree and now she needs to be punished; her man ties her to the bed frame and has his way with her tiny body, just the way she likes it! Elegant and petite Ashlynn downloads an app that claims to stop time and when it actually works, she does everything she's ever wanted to, to her brother's hot friend. Monica is eager to show off her cheerleading moves to her boyfriend, and all those high leg kicks and bouncing around does exactly what she hoped it would; soon he's rock hard sliding his massive dick in between her tight, little thighs! Tiny Kenzie is a perfect 4'10" and 90lbs of pure sexual energy; watch her demonstrate her deep throating skills and just how much fun it is to pound a tiny girl who can get into any position!

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