HausMeister Schwuttke 3

Uitgebracht om: 28 april 2023 bij Deutschland Porno
Without a driver's license, Schwuttke drives erotic superstar Vivian Schmitt to the NRW studio and secretly watches Germany's busty sex icon as she lets her agent polish her asshole during the photo shoot. So horny, our hero lets a masked mouse in suspenders masturbate in Studio 2 without further ado. The next morning he holds out his stinking trunk to snap at classy, full-breasted Gaby. However, when she prefers to be banged by professional stud Diether von Stein, Schwuttke takes revenge with a caf latte "Special". After an accident at work on the studio roof, our man gets a massage from the boss to cover operating costs. Masseuse Jenny, a tight-ass fuck-bee with ass antlers and sex-appeal, does a great job, but bills Boss Hajo a hefty 500 euros for her services with a happy ending. Beside himself with anger, Hajo wants to give his caretaker a lesson and hires alternative caretaker Conny Dachs. But how jack-of-all-trades Achim Schwuttke manages to get out of this dilemma with the help of the new cleaning fairy Ute - see for yourself. Funny, lively, great. Have fun!

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