Gutter Mouths 12

Uitgebracht om: 3 december 2004 bij JM Productions
Profile: Jade Marcela This has got to be the hottest whore in the porn business today. She's cute as can be and fucks as if she were possessed. Jade is open to anything, now matter how foul or disgusting it may be. Put your cock in her ass, then in her mouth, spit in her face, call her a slut and she really gets turned on. You are gonna love this little piggy. Profile: Mikki Taylor Mikki comes to us by way of Houston, Texas. Back home she has been known to fuck circus midgets and carny folk. Ostracized in her home town, she came to California to pursue and acting career and to have large blunt objects inserted into her asshole. Profile: Tabitha Stevens Tabitha's a very enthusiastic little filly. She'll go after your cock as if it were a carrot. Her hobbies include plastic surgery, cock sucking and running at Santa Anita. So grab your riding gear, cuz this mare is sure to win, place or show. Yeehaa! Profile: Tracey Love One of our Gutter mouth favorites, Tracy was also featured in #7. If you were to take all the cock that has been up Tracy'[s ass and line then up, they would stretch from California to St. Louis. She hopes one day to have a line of cock circle the globe. We wish Tracy success and are sure she will meet her goal.

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Tracy Love

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