Frauenklinik St. Olli Vaginal - Check Extrem

Uitgebracht om: 17 maart 2011 bij Magma
The young Sasha wants to get an education for MTA. She has to be thoroughly checked through our professors of course, there should be no holes left out and no semen allergies! Prof. Meier taught the male students the functions of the female productive organs by using another student, Zara, as demonstration. Plenty of sperm was administered orally when all of the students rose and participated in the hands on discussion! Sister Alysha is seduced by an intern named Mike The Machine and they fuck each other's brains out! Alysha's thirst is satisfied when she takes on two professors! After moving to the new practice place, the doctor uses his first patient, Shirley, as an experiment for his unconventional methods!

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