Frauenklinik St. Olli - Die Sperma-therapie

Uitgebracht om: 13 oktober 2011 bij Magma
Patient Mrs. Maiden comes around with her new breast implants to have them checked out. She gets treated by both doctors and gets a professional message with cream on the breasts to. Then the team gets a visit from Luna. She has difficulties with their new, ultra-conservative friend. They cannot stand it that she walks around in sexy clothes, let alone the idea to screw it in full light in the back entrance. But with the help of the team, a lesson can be taught. The next patient, Jet set Girl and a Russian model named Auxuma complaining of a bad sore throat. It will be pampered by sister Alysha. Then the two professors encounter the two and it becomes a wild orgy. In the end, the patient receives a double portion of cream to her sore throat. Medical student Carrie has a weakness for men in white coats, and for better grades, she sucks the juice from the professionals.

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