Dirty Chicks

Uitgebracht om: 15 februari 2022 bij Premium X
Who wants to enjoy the company of a good girl when theres the chance to get to know a dirty chick (or more!) much better. Thats the philosophy of the lads in this high octane encounter, as Gina Brigitta, Lauro Giotto and a whole host of equally horny sluts take to the stage to indulge in some of the biggest, meatiest joysticks they're ever likely to encounter. What's more, they're not restricted to taking on one at a time. No, take it from us they're soon savouring inches from all directions, with spit-roastings galore and throats and pussies being banged time and again as a result. It's enough to get even the most reserved boy pumping jizz - and believe us thats exactly what happens here. Multiple times!

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Lisa Ann

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