Anastasia & Mia Lactation

Uitgebracht om: 17 september 2017 bij 97% Amateurs
Milk Maid Mia (Our Best Ever!) - Anastasia & Mia combine for some fun milky fun. A cup meets D cup with milk. Mia sprays Anastasia's little boobs. Her body is dripping wet with milk in no time at all. Hot view as you see drop by drop drip off Anastasia's pussy. Mia sprays her pussy directly. Spraying Anastasia's pussy. Both ladies are soaked top to bottom with Mia's milk. Anastasia takes her position flat on her back as Mia squirts from above. Hard to stay dry even as a cameraman. A body scan of Anastasia to show how soaked in milk she really is. Anastasia gets to try Mia's milk. A nipple to nipple shot. Oh babies they grow up so fast. Watch as she drools some of it out. Squirting into Anastasia's mouth. Very close-up views. Some fabulous multi-stream bursts of milk. Non-stop milk & spraying.

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Anastasia, Mia