Allie Haze's Been Blackmaled

Uitgebracht om: 27 augustus 2012 bij Vivid Premium
**2013 AVN Award Nominee for Best Interracial Release.** **2013 AVN Award Nominee for Best Three-Way Sex Scene (B/B/G).** It's time for Allie Haze to take a walk on the dark side! Allie Haze is filled with dark fantasies and Kimberly Kane loves that! So, she paired Allie with the biggest, blackest and most infamous actors in porn in this technicolor orgy of interracial eroticism. While masturbating, Allie unknowingly flips through channels on her T.V. and gets sucked into the scenarios on her screen, no matter how perverse or extreme! Porn is the ultimate reality entertainment and you are now watching ALLIE HAZE'S BEEN BLACKMALED!

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